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Philips Temperature Control Carrying Case - Product Image
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Philips Temperature Control Carrying Case

With the Temperature Control Carry Case you can safely store your HeartStart FR2- Series defibrillator in the trunk or storage compartment of a vehicle during extreme winter and summer temperatures. It provides protection from temperatures as low as –20°F (–29ºC) and as high as 140°F (60ºC), perfect for utility trucks, police cruisers and other vehicles in which heating or air conditioning isn’t always available. The case’s thermostat regulated heater can be powered by a 12-volt vehicle battery. The built-in cut-off module turns off the heater before it depletes the battery. And a thick foam insulation layer slows the heating effect of hot summer days.


Dimensions: 9.5? (24 cm) w, 8.5? (21 cm) h, 3.5? (9 cm) dPhilips HeartStart OnSite AED Hard-Shell Carry Case Item # YC Product Details Product Type Carrying Case Color Red Dimensions 19-1/8" length x 15-7/16" width x 7-9/16" height Disposable Reusable Reusable Material Rugged plastic Pelican case Packaging 1 pack = 1 carrying case Weight 11.2 lbs, empty Note Temperature Specifications: The following are temperature limits in the storage area where the case will reside. Daily low temperature: -20°F (-29°C) Minimum average temperature over 2-day weekend • Vehicles with dual batteries: 0°F (-18°C) • Vehicles with a single battery: 10°F (-12°C) Highest 24-hour temperature range: 80°F to 140°F (26°C to 60°C) Note: Achieving daily 140°F (60°C) high temperature performance requires a daily low of no warmer than 80°F (26°C) in order to allow contents to cool

Price:   $391.00