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AED Wall CABINETS Quick-Start  Essentials : Automated external Defibrillator cabinets are required to safeguard the AED units.  AED Professionals carries a full line of Made in the U.S.A., AED Wall mount storage Cabinets to meet the varying needs of our customers: Homes, places of Worship, Schools, Police & Fire Departments, Doctors and Dentists offices, Ambulances and EMS personnel. To help you select the right AED cabinet for your defibrillator,  we have provided the AED names & their Pictures so you can see what wall mount cabinets are available for your particular AED Model.  From here, you can decide which type of storage Cabinet gives you the most for your budget along with the requirements you have.  For Example: Do you need, Compact or a Standard Cabinet?  Do you need Metal or Stainless Steel? Do you need external storage cabinet, semi recessed wall cabinet, or a recessed Cabinet? Alarmed or unalarmed?  Choice is yours.

  Your Medtronic Physio-Control Lifepak AED Unit


AED wall mount cabinets for Medtronic Physio-Control cr lifepak Express AED

Compact metal/ stainless steel, standard metal/ standard stainless steel, or a free standing AED Cabinet.
Lifepak Express

AED wall mount cabinets for Medtronic Physio-Control LP 500 AED
LP 500

AED wall mount cabinets for Medtronic Physio-Control LP 100 AED
LP 1000




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Saving Lives Is Our Only Business.  We Help Save Lives.  To help our customers with the very best prices, we buy in large lots from our  AED manufacturers.  Therefore, we are able to pass on the additional, super savings to you.  We make owning an  AED as easy as possible because it's a life-saving device. Our specialist  team is the best in the Automated External Defibrillators industry.   Please feel free to call them any time Toll Free: 1-888-541-2337  for your  Defibrillators needs .  Always Lowest Defib Prices Guaranteed?  Defibrillators Manufacturers recommend, you Should Always Buy From An Authorized Automated External Defibrillators Dealer Only?
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