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DISCONTINUED BY THE MANUFACTURERZoll Pocket Sized Rescue CPR Coaching Device Part# 8900-1500-01     ZOLL PocketCPR is your personal CPR coach.  With ZOLL PocketCPR, Chest compression feedback is in the palm of your hand. (Part #8900-1500-01)

PocketCPR (English Language) Package Includes:

  • One Duracell 123 Lithium battery: pre-installed
  • Two optional-use rear-adhesive labels for use in clinical or training applications to assist with product placement
  • One Instructional DVD

PocketCPR prompts the user with audible and visual feedback to perform CPR consistent with the American Heart Association (AHA) and International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) Guidelines – compression depth of 1.5 to 2 inches (4 to 5 cm).  Real CPR Help® technology, as used in ZOLL’s AED Plus® and AED Pro® defibrillators, accurately measures the rate and depth of each chest compression.


PocketCPR FAQ's

Here are some answers to the most common questions about PocketCPR.


I Have Taken CPR Training. Why Do I Need PocketCPR?
Performing CPR is physically and mentally demanding. PocketCPR can increase confidence and reinforce skills learned during CPR training. It is the hope that with PocketCPR, bystanders will be more willing to help save a life.

I Feel Confident and am Experienced in CPR. Why Do I Need PocketCPR?
Studies have shown that audible prompting during CPR can improve the delivery of CPR and prevent the decrease of compression rate and depth that naturally occurs with fatigue. Recent data has shown that real-time CPR coaching and feedback can improve both pre-hospital and in-hospital CPR quality.  

How Does CPR with PocketCPR Help Save a Victim’s Life?

  • According to the American Heart Association, brain death and permanent death start to occur in just 4 to 6 minutes after someone experiences cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest can be reversed in most victims if treated with immediate CPR and an electric shock to the heart within 7 to 10 minutes.

  • Each minute that passes without CPR increases the rate of death by 10% for someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

  • It’s rare for someone who is not resuscitated pre-hospital to survive with good neurological function.

  • PocketCPR can coach the rescuer to perform good CPR and restore up to 30% of normal blood flow, enough to keep the heart and brain functional until help arrives.

Why Choose PocketCPR?
PocketCPR is the only hand-held device that reminds the rescuer what to do before initiating CPR and coaches the rescuer with audible and visual feedback during CPR.

Is PocketCPR Cleared by the FDA?

Yes. PocketCPR received FDA clearance in November of 2007.

How Does it Work?

PocketCPR measures compressions with an embedded sensor, called an accelerometer, that measures the depth and rate of chest wall movement during each compression. A sophisticated microprocessor in the device continuously measures acceleration during each compression, and special algorithms convert acceleration information into distance traveled. PocketCPR utilizes the same Real CPR Help® technology found in ZOLL defibrillators.

Who Can Use PocketCPR?

Anyone can use PocketCPR:

  • In an emergency rescue situation

  • For practice at home or in school

  • As a training tool

Can Someone Who is Not Trained in CPR Use This Device?
Yes, but it is strongly recommended that users have CPR training.


Can PocketCPR be Used for “Hands-Only” CPR?
Yes, PocketCPR can be used for conventional CPR with ventilation and for hands-only CPR where chest compressions are delivered without mouth-to-mouth breathing.


Can I Use PocketCPR on a Child?
PocketCPR is designed for use on individuals 8 years of age or older.


I’m a CPR Instructor and Would Like to Use PocketCPR Without the Audible Feedback. Can it be Suppressed?
Yes. PocketCPR has a “Silent Mode”. In this mode, the visual LED indicators are displayed but audible feedback is suppressed. Professionals may also choose this mode during a real rescue to minimize additional distractions.


Is PocketCPR Reusable?
Yes. Disposable sanitary slip-covers are sold separately.

How Durable is PocketCPR?
PocketCPR is made with an extremely durable clear material called Lexan™, the material used in bulletproof windows. Additionally, the clear case allows rescuers to easily view whether one or all four LEDs are lit and allows CPR Instructors to readily monitor students’ performance.

How Long Will the Battery Last?
When turned on, the battery in PocketCPR will last about 12 hours. If a low battery condition is detected upon start up, the unit will say “Change Batteries”. At least 30 minutes of operating time will remain if this is the first time the message is played.

What is the Shelf Life of the Batteries?
Little to no current is used by PocketCPR when it’s turned off. There is a suggested five year shelf life of the battery once placed in the device.

How Long Has PocketCPR Been On the Market?
PocketCPR has been commercially available since March 2008. However, the device has been sold for use as a CPR training aid since 2007.

What Comes With a PocketCPR?

  • A user’s manual and battery are included with PocketCPR

  • The following accessories are also available separately:

    • A sanitary slip cover or protective glove that provides cushioning to both the top and bottom of PocketCPR and keeps body fluids and water out of the device.

    • A silicone pad for the top surface of PocketCPR to provide cushioning during training sessions.

    • An adhesive pad for the bottom surface of PocketCPR to keep it adhered to a manikin during training sessions.

Where is PocketCPR Made?
PocketCPR is made in the U.S.A. and manufactured by Bio-Detek, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZOLL Medical





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