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 Defibtech Life Line AED Extra 7-year battery pack DCF-210 - Product Image
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Defibtech Life Line AED Extra 7-year battery pack DCF-210

Defibtech Lifeline AED replacement 7-year Battery Pack DCF-210
Defibtech Lifeline Battery Pack DCF-210 has a standby life (installed in the unit) of 7 years (including daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly self-tests), 300 defibrillation shocks, or 16 hours of continuous operating time. Each battery pack comes with a new DAC-410 9-volt lithium battery for Defibtech Lifeline AED instrumentation. Please note that manually initiated Self-Tests will use approximately one shock's worth of energy from the Defibtech Lifeline AED Battery Pack and running manually initiated Self-Tests will reduce the usable capacity of the battery.

In addition, every time a battery pack with a non-depleted 9V battery is inserted, the unit runs a battery pack Insertion Self-Test to test the battery pack. When the test is completed, the unit reports the status of the battery pack and shuts down. The unit may then be immediately used. Always be cognizant of the expiration date of the battery pack.
If the Active Status Indicator is flashing red and a good 9V battery is installed, the unit will periodically emit a "beep" to call attention to itself. If the ASI is not flashing at all, the most likely cause is that the ASI 9V battery needs to be replaced. Follow the directions in the "Replacing the Lithium 9V ASI Battery" section in Defibtech user's manual to replace the ASI battery. Once the battery has been replaced with a fresh battery, the ASI should once again flash green. If it does not, the battery pack may be defective. In that event, the battery pack should be replaced. If it still does not flash after inserting a new battery pack, the DDU-100 AED is non-operational and needs servicing.

Price: $209.00