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Defibtech Lifeline AED Adult Electrodes Defibrillation Pads Package DDP-100A. - Product Image
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Defibtech Lifeline AED Adult Electrodes Defibrillation Pads Package DDP-100A.

Defibtech Lifeline AED Adult Electrode Defibrillation Pads Package DDP-100A
Suitable for Defibtech Lifeline AED Semi-Auto & Fully Auto Models

Lifeline AED replacement electrodes

package contains one pair of adult defibrillation pads for use with the Defibtech Lifeline AED. These pads are for adult use only (8 years or older). Pads should be stored connected to the Defibtech AED. Extra pads can be stored in the available carrying case. Pad package has a two-year shelf life.

The DDU-100 AED, LIFELINE AED Semi-automatic Defibrillator, uses two self-adhesive defibrillation/monitoring pads to monitor ECG signals and, if necessary, to deliver defibrillation energy to the patient. These pads (also known as electrodes) are provided in a single-use, disposable package. Do not allow defibrillation pads to touch each other, or to touch other ECG electrodes, lead wires, dressings, transdermal patches, etc. Such contact can cause electrical arcing and patient skin burns during defibrillation and may divert defibrillating energy away from the heart.

Replacing Pads

The Defibtech defibrillation/monitoring pads are intended for one time use only. The pads must be replaced after each use or if the package has been damaged.

The DDU-100 AED defibrillation/monitoring pads are supplied in a sealed pouch with the connector and part of the cable exposed. The DDU-100 AED is designed to be stored with the electrode cable already installed. This allows the pads to be stored in a pre-connected state for rapid deployment during an emergency.

Caution: DO NOT remove the defibrillation pads from the sealed package until the pads are to be used. The packaging should be opened only immediately prior to use, otherwise the pads may dry out and become non-functional.

First, check to ensure that the pad package has not expired. Pads past their expiration date should not be used and should be discarded. Insert the connector end of the defibrillation pad cable into the pads connector port on the corner of the DDU-100 AED as shown. Press the pads connector in firmly until it is fully seated in the unit.

The pad package can then be stored in the pad storage slot in the back of the DDU-100 AED. After connecting the pads connector to the unit, push the pad package, with the pictures on the package facing up and out, rounded end first, into the pad holder compartment on the back of the AED. When the pad pack is fully inserted, press the pad cable into the groove in the back of the unit to hold it in place and tuck any excess cable behind the pad package.

Caution: The pads are intended for one time use only and must be discarded after use or if the package has been opened.

5.2.5 Checking Pad and Battery Pack Expiration Dates

It is important that the patient pads and the battery packs not be used past their expiration dates. The expiration date of the pad package is printed on the outside of the sealed package. The expiration date of the battery pack is printed on the label on the pack. The battery pack should be 31DAC-510E-EN-AB

removed and replaced by this date; when the battery pack is used up, the unit will indicate "low battery" or "replace battery" and will flash the Active Status Indicator red.

Once an accessory is past its expiration date, it should be replaced immediately. Follow the instructions in the "Installing and Removing the Battery Pack" and "Connecting the Pads" sections to replace the part with an unexpired part. Patient pads should be discarded. Battery packs should be appropriately recycled.

Technical Specifications:

Electrode TYPE: Pre-connected, single-use, non-polarized, disposable, self-adhesive electrodes with cable and connector.

SURFACE AREA: 103 cm2 (nominal, each pad), 50 cm2 (nominal, each pad)
PAD PLACEMENT: Adult - Anterior/Anterior
CABLE LENGTH (typical): 48 in (122 cm)

Price: $60.00