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Defibtech Lifeline View Adult Defibrillation Pads Package (DDP-2001) - Product Image
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Defibtech Lifeline View Adult Defibrillation Pads Package (DDP-2001)

Defibtech Lifeline Adult Defibrillation Pads DDP-2001
Suitable for Defibtech Lifeline View, Lifeline Pro, Lifeline ECG Models.

The Defibtech self-adhesive defibrillation pad assembly comes in a "leads-out" sealed package that allows the device to be stored with the pads connected to the AED. When the DDU-2300 AED is used, the operator needs only to turn the device on, remove the pad package, tear open the package, remove the pads from the blue liner, apply the pads to the patient, and administer care. The AED has a storage area in the back of the unit that allows for storage of a single sealed adult pads package.


The Defibtech defibrillation pads are intended for one time use only. The pads must be replaced after each use or if the package has been damaged. It is important to check the expiration date of the pads. The expiration date is printed on the outside of the sealed package. Do not use pads past their expiration date. Discard expired pads. Use only Defibtech electrode pads. You may also check the status of the pads when the unit is off by pressing the center softkey button to display the AED Status Screen and enter Maintenance Mode. After each use, the pads should be replaced.

HOW TO CONNECT THE PADS Insert the connector end of the defibrillation pad cable into the pads connector socket on the top-left corner of the DDU-2300 AED as shown. Insert pads connector firmly until it is fully seated in the unit. The connector will only fit in one way - if the connector does not fit, rotate the connector before trying again. The connected pads package can then be stored in the pad storage slot in the back of the DDU-2300 AED. After connecting the pads connector to the unit, push the pads package, rounded end first, with the pictures on the package facing out, into the pad holder compartment on the back of the AED. When the pads package is fully inserted, press the pad cable into the groove in the back of the unit to hold the cable in place and tuck any excess cable behind the pads package. Ensure that the pads package has not expired. Expired pads must not be used.

Price: $65.00